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Products of AnTháiCafé
Products of AnTháiCafé
“ AnTháiCafé branded coffee products are firmly on the path of Vietnamese coffee development, proudly reaching out to the world! ”


AnTháiCafé brand was officially born in 1996, is one of the prominent coffee brands of An Thai Group. Over 23 years of construction and development, the brand AnTháiCafé has grown and gradually asserted its position.

AnTháiCafé brand product lines, including: Coffee powder, 3in1 instant coffee, roasted coffee beans, extracted coffee. In particular, the outstanding products are: Ground Coffee such as King Weasel, Brown Weasel, Gold Coffee ..., instant coffee mix 3in1 AnTháiCafé, 3in1- SUNRISE, Roasted coffee beans Arabica, Robusta, Drip Coffee,...

Each product brings its own unique flavor unique to Vietnamese coffee culture, preserving the simplicity and "spirit" of the rich land of Ban Me coffee land.

Why choose AnTháiCafé?

  • Famous for its clean cofee brand
  • Modern roasting technology from Europe
  • Products bring a unique flavor, unique Vietnamese cofee culture
  • AnTháiCafé is proud to be a brand that achieves achievements such as the Gold Medal for Clean Food


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